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The Gambit Files: Tactical Themes to Sharpen Your Play

Author: Bill Harvey

Price:  $15.95 Paperback

Contents: 156 pages

Release Date:  February 2011

Book Description:  Sharpen your sword! Puzzle king Bill Harvey presents 237 violent positions from 15 gambit variations – ranging from the rare Lisitsin and the neglected Blumenfeld, to the popular Milner-Barry and the fashionable Gajewski – where one side is poised to deliver the final blow.

About the Author:

A veteran of hundreds of tournaments in online, postal and over-the-board competition, Bill Harvey has taught chess in schools for a dozen years in the Washington, D.C. area, and edited two chess puzzle columns.

Harvey is the webmaster of http://wtharvey.com, where readers can find 10,000 critical positions from historical and modern games with a quick link to the solution. This is his first book.

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