Special books for the Chess Enthusiast


Active Pieces

Author: Jay Bonin & Greg Keener
Price: $24.95
Content: 245 pages Paperback
Release Date: February 2017
Book Description: You’re booked up on your openings and know the Philidor and Lucena positions hands down, but how to convert all that theoretical knowledge into points against flesh-and-blood opponents?

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The Inner Game of Chess

Author: Andrew Soltis
Price: $19.95
Content: 328 pages Paperback
Release Date: December 2014
Book Description: In The Inner Game of Chess, GM Andy Soltis shows that the key to good calculation is good visualization of the position in front of us and then after the moves we’re considering.

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Hacking Up The King

Author: David Eggleston
Price: $24.95
Content: 256 pages Paperback
Release Date: June 2014
Book Description: The author invites you to go deeply into typical sharp situations…

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The Gambit Files

Author: Bill Harvey
Price: $15.95
Content: 156 pages Paperback
Release Date: February 2011
Book Description: Sharpen your sword! Puzzle king Bill Harvey presents 237 violent positions from 15 gambit variations

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Play Like a Girl!

Author: Jennifer Shahade
Price: $14.95
Content: 100 pages Hardcover
Release Date: February 2011
Book Description: Play Like A Girl! is a collection of tactical positions from the world’s best women chessplayers.


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Capablanca: A Primer of Checkmate

Author: Frisco Del Rosario
Price: $19.95
Content: 176 pages Paperback
Release Date: October 2010
Book Description: In this groundbreaking work, award-winning chess coach and author Frisco Del Rosario shines a long-overdue light on this neglected aspect of Capablanca’s record.

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