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Simple Attacking Plans

Author: Fred Wilson

Price:  $14.95

Contents: 192 pages Paperback

Release Date:  May 2015

Book Description: “The games are well chosen and the notes are clear and to the point.” IM John Donaldson
“Simple Attacking Plans is a classic right from the get-go. The games are terrific in their instructional value, and the way Wilson conceptualizes and explains the plans is worth its weight in gold to intermediate players and their coaches.” Pete Tamburro, Jr. (author of Learn Chess from the Greats)

“I had a fantastic position, but I couldn’t figure out what to do next!” Sound familiar? If so, then Fred Wilson’s Simple Attacking Plans was written for you. The author distills the complexities of mounting an offensive against your opponent’s king down to four principles that lie at the root of most successful chess attacks. Novice players and amateurs of intermediate strength will benefit from the explanations of ideas and tips for practical play, all presented in an easy, conversational style. More experienced competitors will appreciate this book as a games collection featuring masterpieces of enterprising play” some of them never before published.

About the Author:

Fred Wilson is a chess teacher, author, and owner of Fred Wilson Chess Books in New York City. His previous works include A Picture History of Chess, 101 Questions on How to Play Chess, and (with Bruce Alberston) 202 Checkmates for Children; 303 Tricky Checkmates, and 303 Tricky Chess Tactics.

In 2003, he was voted Chess Journalist of the Year by the Chess Journalists of America.

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