Play Like a Girl!

Author: Jennifer Shahade
Date/Format: February 2011 Hardcover
Content: 100 Pages
ISBN: 978-1936277032



Play Like A Girl! is a collection of tactical positions from the world’s best women chessplayers. Chess lovers of all levels can enjoy the puzzles, as the difficulty goes all the way from one-move killer blows to deep, complex combinations. The crushing tactics in this book show that playing like a girl is something to aspire to! When you purchase Play Like a Girl!, you’re also helping charity. All author royalties go to the Tucson-based non-profit organization, 9Queens.

About the Author(s)

Jennifer Shahade is a two-time U.S. Women’s Champion and a Woman Grandmaster. Jennifer is the author of Chess Bitch: Women in the Ultimate Intellectual Sport, which profiles the lives of many of the players featured in this book; and co-author of Marcel Duchamp: The Art of Chess. In 2005, Shahade and Jean Hoffman co-founded 9 Queens (, a non-profit organization that promotes chess in those who are most in need of its benefits.

Shahade is editor of the official website of the U.S. Chess Federation, A resident of Philadelphia, she also maintains a personal website at

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