Gary’s Adventures in Chess Country

Author: Igor Sukhin
Date/Format: February 2009 Hardcover
Content: 152 Pages
ISBN: 978-0979148224



For centuries, chess has been the world’s most popular board game. But did you know that it can also improve your child’s ability to learn? Studies have shown that by focusing on basic chess concepts, children as young as four can improve their reasoning and develop their problem-solving abilities.

Gary’s Adventures in Chess Country is designed to help children delve into the world of chess through an engaging adventure story. Spirited away by a mysterious young girl on a magic tricycle, Gary is taken to Chess Country, where he learns the rules of chess and the fundamentals of chess tactics.

By following Gary on his adventures – and by solving engaging puzzles alongside him – your child will have a unique opportunity to improve focus, memory, and critical thinking skills, all while having fun. Attractive, brightly colored illustrations throughout the book act as a visual reinforcement of the lessons your child will learn

About the Author(s)

Igor Sukhin has been using the game of chess for more than two decades to teach children. His books have been selected repeatedly as recommended reading by the Russian Department of Education.

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