Chess Gems: 1000 Combinations You Should Know

Chess Gems: 1000 Combinations You Should Know


Igor Sukhin


$14.95 Kindle


336 pages

Release Date:

October 1, 2007

Combinations have long been considered the most creative aspect of chess. From the vast sea of chess games a thousand combinations have been chosen: the most artistic, elegant, and famous. Yet chess tactics are not only for aesthetic enjoyment: they help win games. Chess Gems is certain to sharpen your knowledge of both tactics and chess history.

About the Author

Igor Sukhin has been using the game of chess for more than two decades to teach children. His books have been selected repeatedly as recommended reading by the Russian Department of Education.

The author of the acclaimed children's chess book Gary's Adventures in Chess Country (also published by Mongoose Press), Sukhin has written more than 100 titles, with over a million copies currently in print.